Tuesday, 17 November 2009

who would be the audience for your media product?

the audience for a company and its product is has the upmost of importance. without the correct target audience the product would not succeed in serving its purpose. a lot of hard work and effort goes into selecting the correct and appropriate audience.

target audience can be categorized into four different groups, social class, demographics, lifestyle and psychographics' using these four different aspects of a target audience a company can pin point the perfect target audience they wish to aim their product at.

my target audience i wish to aim my website at is young teenagers of both genders. this is because this s where a lot of the problems my website tackles begins at. and research proves that if you can stop the problem early on in life then it is more likely that the problem will not occur later on in life.

the colors and all the aspects of my website have been specifically selected to please the expectations of our target audience, bright colors that please the eye, easy navigation that is constant throughout the site so navigation around the site is simple and easy to remember.

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  1. Thoughful consideration of your audience but you haven't been specific about the demographic profile and VALS profile of your CORE target audience who I'm guessing would be aged 14-19? Please have a look at this and redraft