Tuesday, 17 November 2009

details on full campaigns and advertising company institutional reasearch

my website is all about anti drug campaigns etc so for my institutional research i studied the talk to frank campaign very carefully because they run along the same lines as i do. in my research i fund out that the british government implemented the idea to tackle the rising drug abuse in the uk.

the government got in touch with an advertising company called mother advertising. mother advertising are a london based company who won "Best of Show award at the IPA Best of Health Awards 2009" for their anti drug campaign for talk to frank. mother are also responsible for the "yeah yeah yeah la la la" coca cola advertisement campaign, stella artois beer advertising campaigns, the oasis rubberduckzilla advertisement and many more.

an advertising campaign is a series of messages that share a single idea/common theme, these combined form integrated marketing communication.

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  1. Interesting info, well done. Can you explain why the ad agencies are important as an INSTITUTION involved in campaign sites? Just to show you understand the concept of institution and why it's important in the analysis of media product.