Tuesday, 17 November 2009

institution research web hosting and domain name registration

what is web hosting?

Web hosting involves providing space on Internet servers, for the storage of the World Wide Web. this allows organizations or separate individuals to make their own websites. these are accessible throughout the entire world. everyone involved in that network can use and view that site. for example a work server in an office, bosses and employees can use the network to communicate on work status etc.

what is a domain name?

domain names are just the address or url of the website. the name of the website. domain names make it particularly easy for users to find and memorize particular websites. domain names are also used for simple website identification and website ownership.


  1. Very good. Edit to explain their role in the DISTRIBUTION of your website and how this differs from traditional media products. Search engines play a role in this too so you could add info on how they work too in terms of what you have to pay them

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