Monday, 14 December 2009

website evaluation

Toby Barnswarda as website evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Like real media products my web design features many of the conventions that would be recognized in a media standard website, I have used images to portray meaning, video and audio to describe that meaning. Alongside this legality conventions like the copyright information seen at the bottom of all website pages, conventional technical aspects of web design have been applied to my site as well, logic has gone behind the positioning of certain aspects of the website. For instance the navigation bar, this can be easily found and come to terms with how it works in regards to finding your way around the site, logos placed in the top left corner of the site where logos are expected to be seen.

The creative decisions I made can be found in color schemes where simple colors can bee seen, not too offending to the eye but not too bland to make the site dull and lifeless. Simple media connotations have been used in the colour scheme to represent certain meanings. For instance most if not all of the things we wish to represent as bad in the site have been mixed in with the colour of red, this meaning is then paired with that color in the users mind.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Obviously my media product is aimed at resolving the problem of substance abuse, all types of substances that can be abused not just drugs. The argument my website represents is that anyone can be affected substance abuse no matter who you are and how you are related to the problem at hand be it directly or indirectly, friends or relatives of people who are abusing substances often get worn down or feel bad about what is happening to the people they care about. My website demands the support we need to help these people in any way shape or form we can be that someone to talk to, helping an abuser get back on track or preventing your loved ones from falling of the long straight and narrow.

I went about locating the site visitor by splitting my website into the three main categories of substance abuse drugs, smoking and alcohol. Convincing them that trusting in us would provide for the best outcome was done in a way that made the website in a way relate to them, experiences that the user can relate to in order to better understand how and why we want to help sufferers of substance abuse. Information on what these substances can do to you and the help we provide to stop people from falling onto the wrong path and help them back onto the right one.

Versions of the reality are shown in the description of what the substances can do to you explained on the site, the problem is clear, the fact that a user is on the website looking for help proves that help is needed and a problem needs to be solved. Then come the solution, the website and the help it can offer if the user works alongside the help we offer. A video was also been used to show what our help can to for you and better your life.

What kind of media institution might describe your media product and why?

Web design is a unique platform in relation to film or radio because you can combine both of those media formats into a website, the limits are endless on a website whereas you are limited as to what you can do on video and radio.

The research made behind the making of this site and the institutions involved were web hosting, advertising agencies and domain name registration. In my research behind web hosting I found that it allows an individual to make a website and allows it to be accessed via the World Wide Web, this allows my website to be accessible nearly anywhere in the world (but is aimed at uk). Looking at advertising agencies I discovered that in working with an ad agency their aim is to simply give and outside point of view to the effort of what you want your media product to do. I also found that typical ad agency clients tend to be non profit organizations which is what my media product is and also government agencies which relates to my product because in working with my site I discovered a government based campaign that is highly regarded in the field of my media product ‘talk to frank’.

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Obviously the audience for a campaign website is of the up most importance without an audience a campaign site would be nothing, they would be offering a service/help to no one which would make the campaign pointless. In order to make my campaign as useful as possible the correct audience would need to be addressed. The demographics of my audience would be age group 13 and upwards because solving the problem of substance abuse is most effective when the subject candidate is younger, solving the problem early on in life leads to a better future later on in life and they are less likely to fall down into that path later on in life. We are not gender specific in my website campaign because both genders can be affected in substance abuse, income level again is not of an issue because we are generally looking at younger people who don’t have an income, the only income we would expect to worry about is the people who donate into the campaign. In a modern world with many races and ethnic backgrounds and especially the U.K. being a multi cultural country our efforts are not spread to one specific race but split equally between all racial backgrounds that seek our help. So in conclusion to target audience we would ideally be looking to aim our campaign at young people/teenagers of the uk of low income regardless of their background, race and ethnicity.

How did you attract/address your audience?

At the beginning I did a questionnaire to help with the finding and pin pointing of my target audience, the results proved the research found in the targeting of my target audience. Results from the questionnaire showed that young teens of Britain would be the ones looking to use this kind of website/the internet to look for help if they had a substance abuse related problem.

The navigation and design of the site was specifically designed to cater for this target audience, the layout being simple but effective, and the navigation bar easily found and identified at the top center of the page. The logo found at the top left hand corner of the page, these are conventional positions of these technical aspects of a website. The colour scheme as mentioned before uses simple connotations to outline what is good and bad and easy on the eyes.

Video, audio and imaging on the site has been used to create emotion. There is no harsh/displeasing video, audio or imaging used on the site. This is because our site has been aimed at young teens. It has also been done like this because we do no wish to shock our users with harsh graphic/gory video, audio and photography. This has been done to keep users calm and to not lead them into that false sense of security that everything is horribly wrong and that there is no help for them. My campaign site was created to calmly help and ease the target audience through their progression of getting better. This I believe will create a meaningful experience for the user and make for a better recovery.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

In the making of this media product I have learnt invaluable skills in website creation software, image, video and audio editing, website uploading. In each of these areas digital software did limit me as to what I wanted to do but I made the best of what I could out of the facilities I had at hand and the help I was given in order to work around these difficulties.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back at the school site I created the decisions I made back then in the creation of that site, those decisions were a lot more un informed and technical edits were made for the sake of them not to create meaning but now however decisions and edits made have been done to better the connotations and deeper meaning of the site and to cater for my target audience. Overall my skills have developed and developed in ways to better my judgment in the creation of media products in the future.

planning slides

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

print screens of 6 websites, annotated using media terminology

internet usage survey sample and analysis

i asked 20 young people and teenagers f a mixed gender (to best retain a fair sample of information)

for question one most answered social usage, this did not surprise me as that is all young people and teenagers seem to want to do all the time

question two the majority of answered no so this leads me to believe that this particular group were not in need of help along the drug abuse line, did not know where to look for advice and help or they simply did not care

none of these teens have ever donated to help campaigns before however there were a few remarks that they know their parents have done so in the past before. this pleased me because i know believed that there was light at the end of the tunnel for my campaign and that it was not a hopeless failure!

again the majority of these surveys did not show much interest in the support of current campaigns however they did have knowledge of some of the other campaigns i gathered a lot of information from ( talk to frank etc)

positively the majority of results showed that they do believe that help campaigns can be effective in their effort to advise and help young suffering teens

and finally 40% of the results showed that teens would look for help and advice on the internet which in my case proved use full because my campaign is web based.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

report on website research findings

search engine-
a search engine is a tool created and designed to search for information, websites etc

these can also be added to websites to allow even easier navigation around the site, with this tool at your hand specific information and details you wish to find on the website can be retained easily.


images are key to all websites, they help set the mood of the websites, tell a story and can in some cases do more than words. images on my website have been used to show what the website can do to help the viewers that use it. for example pictures on my site have been used to demonstrate how people can better themselves through the help of our website and the information and advice we can offer.


logos play a vital role in a websites success, the websites logo can be used for viewers to relate to the website, remember the website etc. logo's can conventionally be found on the top left hand corner of the website layout.

navigation toolbar-

this is normally found at the top center beneath the logo of the website or running along the left side of the website. this makes the navigation bar easy to notice and this in turn makes it easier to navigate around the website because the navigation toolbar can always be easily found.


the language used in my website is not formal because it is meant to be aimed at young people and teenagers, language and terms used will be that of what the younger generation can relate to and understand.

who would be the audience for your media product?

the audience for a company and its product is has the upmost of importance. without the correct target audience the product would not succeed in serving its purpose. a lot of hard work and effort goes into selecting the correct and appropriate audience.

target audience can be categorized into four different groups, social class, demographics, lifestyle and psychographics' using these four different aspects of a target audience a company can pin point the perfect target audience they wish to aim their product at.

my target audience i wish to aim my website at is young teenagers of both genders. this is because this s where a lot of the problems my website tackles begins at. and research proves that if you can stop the problem early on in life then it is more likely that the problem will not occur later on in life.

the colors and all the aspects of my website have been specifically selected to please the expectations of our target audience, bright colors that please the eye, easy navigation that is constant throughout the site so navigation around the site is simple and easy to remember.

details on full campaigns and advertising company institutional reasearch

my website is all about anti drug campaigns etc so for my institutional research i studied the talk to frank campaign very carefully because they run along the same lines as i do. in my research i fund out that the british government implemented the idea to tackle the rising drug abuse in the uk.

the government got in touch with an advertising company called mother advertising. mother advertising are a london based company who won "Best of Show award at the IPA Best of Health Awards 2009" for their anti drug campaign for talk to frank. mother are also responsible for the "yeah yeah yeah la la la" coca cola advertisement campaign, stella artois beer advertising campaigns, the oasis rubberduckzilla advertisement and many more.

an advertising campaign is a series of messages that share a single idea/common theme, these combined form integrated marketing communication.

institution research web hosting and domain name registration

what is web hosting?

Web hosting involves providing space on Internet servers, for the storage of the World Wide Web. this allows organizations or separate individuals to make their own websites. these are accessible throughout the entire world. everyone involved in that network can use and view that site. for example a work server in an office, bosses and employees can use the network to communicate on work status etc.

what is a domain name?

domain names are just the address or url of the website. the name of the website. domain names make it particularly easy for users to find and memorize particular websites. domain names are also used for simple website identification and website ownership.