Wednesday, 18 November 2009

internet usage survey sample and analysis

i asked 20 young people and teenagers f a mixed gender (to best retain a fair sample of information)

for question one most answered social usage, this did not surprise me as that is all young people and teenagers seem to want to do all the time

question two the majority of answered no so this leads me to believe that this particular group were not in need of help along the drug abuse line, did not know where to look for advice and help or they simply did not care

none of these teens have ever donated to help campaigns before however there were a few remarks that they know their parents have done so in the past before. this pleased me because i know believed that there was light at the end of the tunnel for my campaign and that it was not a hopeless failure!

again the majority of these surveys did not show much interest in the support of current campaigns however they did have knowledge of some of the other campaigns i gathered a lot of information from ( talk to frank etc)

positively the majority of results showed that they do believe that help campaigns can be effective in their effort to advise and help young suffering teens

and finally 40% of the results showed that teens would look for help and advice on the internet which in my case proved use full because my campaign is web based.

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  1. Excellent research into a possible target audience and their attitude towards this tyoe of site