Tuesday, 17 November 2009

report on website research findings

search engine-
a search engine is a tool created and designed to search for information, websites etc

these can also be added to websites to allow even easier navigation around the site, with this tool at your hand specific information and details you wish to find on the website can be retained easily.


images are key to all websites, they help set the mood of the websites, tell a story and can in some cases do more than words. images on my website have been used to show what the website can do to help the viewers that use it. for example pictures on my site have been used to demonstrate how people can better themselves through the help of our website and the information and advice we can offer.


logos play a vital role in a websites success, the websites logo can be used for viewers to relate to the website, remember the website etc. logo's can conventionally be found on the top left hand corner of the website layout.

navigation toolbar-

this is normally found at the top center beneath the logo of the website or running along the left side of the website. this makes the navigation bar easy to notice and this in turn makes it easier to navigate around the website because the navigation toolbar can always be easily found.


the language used in my website is not formal because it is meant to be aimed at young people and teenagers, language and terms used will be that of what the younger generation can relate to and understand.

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  1. Interesting to read and demonstrated an excellent understanding of how websites are designed for ease of navigation and to encourage people to donate